Questions of Medical Marijuana

Marijuana: news, laws, advocacy, and discussion.     •     March 17, 2020, 11:52 pm
I'm a medical marijuana car holder. However, I wasn't a smoker at all when I decided to get my MMC. I mostly used tinctures, edibles, etc. as to preserve my lungs. Well, that's a little…
MERRY JANE     •     March 17, 2020, 6:56 pm
Lead image via Shopping for CBD products, you may have noticed, can be overwhelming. A quick Google search for “CBD oil” yields about 108 million results, and perusing the pages of products offered…
Marijuana – Grizzle     •     March 17, 2020, 6:56 pm
Illinois will allow medical marijuana dispensaries to conduct curbside sales to patients in an effort to protect them from the spread of the coronavirus.


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